Acorn and Oak Leaves Temporary Tattoo
Acorn and Oak Leaves Temporary Tattoo, Nature Lover Gift, Stocking Stuffers & Party Favors

Acorn and Oak Leaves Temporary Tattoo

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Oak leaf and three acorns temporary tattoo! The whole design measures 2.5x3.5 inches and is hand-drawn, with black and grey lines and stippling. Wear the oak leaf and acorns together or cut them out and share with friends!

Oak trees are particularly beneficial for our environment in that they provide food and shelter for hundreds of different insect and animal species. When the leaves and acorns fall to the ground, the nurturing support ripples outward. Many small and large creatures eat the acorns. Some birds and small mammals even disperse the acorns, starting new oak trees. Caterpillars eat and hide in the leaves over winter, and birds rely on the caterpillars as food for their growing hatchlings. The wonders of oak trees are endless.

Apply with water • Lasts 2-5 days • Water-resistant • Comfortable and skin-safe

△ All original designs by Allison Wilcoxen in Austin, Texas.
△ Send a message to inquire about wholesale.


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