How do I apply my temporary tattoos?

Make sure the application area is free from any oils, lotions, or makeup. You're welcome to apply the tattoo as whole or cut out each design first. Remove the plastic film from the front and place on your skin, design side down, then press a wet cloth down firmly over the top and hold for about 30 seconds before removing and peeling off the paper to reveal your new temporary tattoo. 

How do I remove my temporary tattoos? 

Once your tat has reached the end of its life, you can easily remove it in a few ways–either by rubbing it off with a cloth soaked in alcohol, or applying any kind of oil, letting it sit for at least 30 seconds, and then wiping it off with a cloth. Additionally, a warm shower first can soften the skin to make it even easier to remove.

Are NatureTats temporary tattoos safe?

Glad you’re asking, safety is important. We feel great about the safety of the ink and materials that we use! These temporary tattoos are non-toxic, FDA approved for cosmetic use, and are tested annually to meet (and exceed!) regulations in the US, Canada and Europe. 

Are they tested on animals?

Heck nope.

How long do these last?

In our experience they last 2-5 days on average. The time can vary depending on where they are applied and how they are cared for. Temporary tattoos last much longer when applied in an area that isn’t rubbed often, for example, tats applied to the top of the hand will be touched and washed more than the outter-side of an arm. We recommend admiring with your eyes and leaving it untouched by clothes and fingers to get the most life out of your temporary tattoo. 

Can I shower or swim with them?

Yes! These tats are water resistant. When you shower, don't rub or scrub it and it will be just fine. Make sure to give one gentle pat with your towel to dry off, don't rub. When you swim, keep in mind that oily lotions and sunscreens can remove the tat. 

Where are these temporary tattoos made?

The artwork is designed at home in Austin, Texas by artist and founder Allison Wilcoxen. The temporary tattoos are printed in a neighboring state in the US. The tags are printed in Austin, Texas as well. We try to keep all materials as close to local as possible!