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NatureTats, a woman-owned online temporary tattoo shop based in Austin, Texas, is a celebration of nature through beautifully hand-drawn wearable art. Founded by artist Allison Wilcoxen, our temporary tattoos are not just accessories; they're invitations for self-expression, perfect for festivals, daily wear, or envisioning future permanent ink. They're more than just a gift—they're a unique way to add excitement to parties and events!

Meet Allison Wilcoxen, The Creative 

Allison, the heart and soul behind NatureTats, is a passionate artist with a deep appreciation for tattoos and an endless love for insects and plants. Her wildly creative spirit is evident in every bold line and inviting texture of her artwork. The inception of NatureTats dates back to 2015 when Allison, inspired by her own desire for unique temporary tattoos, designed a few pieces featuring moths, wasps, and beetles. As interest grew among friends, Allison's vision evolved, leading to the birth of NatureTats. 

The Vision For NatureTats

NatureTats sprouted from a vision: to curate a collection of nature-themed temporary tattoos that seamlessly blend into a cohesive, realistic tattoo style. This carefully crafted ensemble is designed to be mixed and matched, allowing wearers to tell their unique stories—a nod to their personal memories and experiences. Each NatureTat is not just an accessory; it's a wearable narrative, a tangible reflection of the wearer's journey.

Reconnecting To Nature

In our fast-paced lives, the pull in various directions often leaves us feeling disconnected from nature. NatureTats believes in the power of reconnection—to ourselves and to the world around us. We venture into nature for more than just a recharge; it's about creating memories, experiencing personal growth, and finding joy and wonder. Nature is integral to our identity, and NatureTats serves as a little bridge to strengthen that connection.

Embrace Your Nature

As we celebrate the beauty of nature through every stroke of our hand-drawn tattoos, we invite you to embark on a NatureTats journey of your own. Ready to infuse your style with a touch of the wild? Explore our collection and make a statement with a NatureTat that speaks to your soul. Your journey into nature-inspired self-expression awaits—seize it one tat at a time! 🌿✨

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