NatureTats is an online temporary tattoo shop and a creative outlet for Allison Wilcoxen. We are based in Austin, Texas.

As a lover of nature, tattoo admirer and sporadically creative person, Allison designed a few temporary tattoos that she could play with and use to imagine future tattoo ideas. Soon after, in January 2016, she decided to create a little online temporary tattoo shop where all of the designs would be hand-drawn and inspired by nature. 

NatureTats have simple designs and bold dark lines. They're artistic accessories for awesome people. Easily removable, replaceable and painless. We hope that you use NatureTats as a tool for self expression by wearing them to festivals, around the house, or even to help you visualize similar designs for future permanent tattoos. They make exciting gifts and put an awesome spin on party and event activities. The experience of picking out a new temporary tattoo, then revealing the image on your skin, is good old fun! 
NatureTats is proudly committed to sending a portion of each purchase to TreeFolks, a non-profit focused on reforestation, education, community building, and planting trees around central Texas.