Oh hello, here's a bit about our journey

NatureTats is an online temporary tattoo shop with all nature-inspired and beautifully hand-drawn artwork. It is essentially wearable art to encourage self-expression! Our temporary tats are wonderful artistic accessories for festivals, around the house, or even to help visualize future permanent tattoos! They’re always a total hit when gifted, and a wonderfully unique way to add some excitement to parties and events! 

We are currently a two woman team based in Austin Texas. We are lovers of all things nature and art. Through NatureTats, we're learning to build and operate a small business, while better connecting with nature and our community. 

Allison Wilcoxen

Allison’s the founder and artist of NatureTats. Today she works in daily operations and brand building. 

Allison has a wildly creative spirit, appreciation for tattoos and adoration for insects and tiny creatures, which all shows through in her artwork. Her drawing style features bold lines and a curiously inviting texture.  

The original idea for NatureTats emerged around 2015 when Allison designed a few temporary tattoos with the intention of wearing them herself. The first few were a moth, wasp and a couple of beetles. Soon, friends showed interested in wearing the designs too, so she continued to share the first of the tats, while tinkering with a new online shop and dreaming up the brand.

Initially, the potential she envisioned for NatureTats was visually motivated. She imagined an array of nature themed temporary tattoos, all consistent in style so they could be combined in a way that felt even more personal to the wearers story. Overtime NatureTats has evolved to be all of that plus a way for us to reconnect with nature and community. 

Michelle Bluhm

What was once a side hobby, picked up steam in 2019 and that's when Michelle jumped in!

As our fulfillment manager, Michelle takes care of packaging the products and shipping each order. She is also a wonderfully creative collaborator and engages in social media from time to time. 

Outside of work, Michelle is a soulful singer, resourceful artist and supportive friend. Michelle has been an integral part of NatureTats' development since she joined, and brings an honest and open perspective to our small team of two.

Allison and Michelle are both adventure enthusiasts. Both on a journey to create something that brings joy and delight. We want to encourage people to explore whatever it is about the natural world that fascinates them and define their own path.


All of our modern lives pull our attention in endless directions. Between daily responsibilities and activities, many of us have recognized how disconnected from nature we really are. So we go into nature to recharge and reconnected to ourselves and to the whole. We go to recall and create memories, to experience personal growth, presence, lessons, love, joy, and wonder. Nature is who we all are and it’s important to us to keep this understanding close to our core. We want NatureTats to be a way to strengthen that reconnection to nature.

There are so many ways one person can have a positive affect on our planet, even if it's a single small act or decision. We know that adding native trees and plants is a wonderful first step! In central Texas for example, native oak trees have been found to support countless species within our ecosystem. The trees thrive in their environment while offering food and shelter to thousands of other living beings which are all interconnected in life. We can encourage natural systems to support themselves by helping to restore the original balance. A little bit of careful observation and thoughtful action can go a long way!


One of the ways NatureTats chooses to give back is by donating to local environmental groups that have similar goals and values. Here are a couple of groups of people doing great work around central Texas!

TreeFolks focuses on reforestation of areas affected by adverse weather and other destruction. They educate locals about tree stewardship, organize community building resources, and they even give trees away to locals to plant on their own!

Monarch Sanctuary Project focuses on using native plants to restore the land, which provides a safe place for beautiful and essential insects to thrive. They educate the community about the value and wonder of butterflies and build monarch butterfly way station gardens to support their great migration!

We’re excited to learn more about the great work others are doing to support nature. We welcome you to reach out if you care to share who or what groups have inspired you!