Horned Lizard & Yucca Temporary Tattoo Collection, Horny Toad, Ants, Grasshopper, Yucca Plant, Fake Tattoo Sheet, Desert Party Favors

Horned Lizard & Yucca Temporary Tattoo Collection

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A hand-drawn collection of temporary tattoos inspired by the life of the Texas Horned Lizard, aka horny toad! This sheet measures 3 by 7 inches. It includes the horned lizard, a flowering yucca plant that the lizards sometimes use as shelter, six harvester ants, which make up the majority of its diet, and a hefty grasshopper which could be an ambitious snack attempt for this little lizard.

This original artwork is drawn with bold lines, stippling, and lots of natural texture!

Lasts 2-5 days! • Water resistant! • Comfortable and safe!

△ All original designs by Allison Wilcoxen in Austin, Texas.
△ Send a message to inquire about wholesale.


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