Tips for Tats: in the sun 🏖

We are coming up on peak temporary tattoo season y'all! 🤠 I wanted to share a few tips that might be helpful through the end of spring and summer.

Water Resistant💧

These tats are made for water, they hold up to swims, sweat and showers
Tip: In hot water they may soften a bit, so be careful not to touch or rub the tat with your towel, let it dry and it'll be back to normal! 

Sunscreen ☀️

First thing first, take care of yourself, so wear sunscreen if you must! 
Important note: Sunscreen absolutely wins in a match against a temporary tattoo. Oil, which is in almost every sunscreen, will help to dissolve temporary tats, causing them to look smudgy. 
Tip: If you wear sunscreen and a tat together, try a light sunscreen layer in the tat area and avoid touching the tat with your hands, towel or anything else. Sunscreen will shorten the life of the tat, but hey, it might lengthen yours! So be safe, have fun! 😘


Tat Tan Lines 🦋

Fun Fact: If you are soaking up some rays while wearing a temporary tat, it could very likely leave a little tan line behind! We've heard a few stories recently, some delightful and some hilarious! 😎
Let us know if you've discovered any other tricks or tips for wearing temporary tats in the summer! 

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