Texas is home!

When Texans think springtime, we think bluebonnets. Since we were kids, many of us have made memories taking photos with our people and pets in billowy bluebonnet patches along trails and road sides. I definitely remember sharing that little ritual with my mom, big sister and my little brother. Now as an adult, I try to make it a point to visit the wildflowers along the local trails. For me, bluebonnets specifically bring a sense of comfort and togetherness, and I want to share that by releasing my new bluebonnet temporary tattoo design to celebrate spring.

With this seasonal shift, I wouldn't be telling the whole story, if I left out this past winter and how it affected Texans. So many had it rough, when millions of people experienced temperatures colder than we ever have at home, simultaneously losing all access to, or dealing with unreliable water, electricity, communications, and transportation. Despite this, so many of us pulled through to help the community. I feel like this really illuminated how connected we all are, how important community is and how precious home really is. While not all of us are completely out of the woods yet and the recovery efforts continue, we are growing and evolving and ready for this seasonal shift and the warmer temperatures that Texas thrives in best.

I love calling Austin, Texas home, such a wonderful collection of humans. And now, with so many new folks becoming our neighbors, I like to think the bluebonnet will continue to be admired and appreciated for the strong and beautiful wildflower that it is. 

Take a closer look this spring, spend more time in nature observing the changes, the growth and surprises. If you have ever been curious about gardening, get into it this year! Visit your nearest botanical garden, learn about wild flowers or native plants in your area and look for the ways that they connect with wildlife and our ecosystem. There is so much to learn and be curious about, and those doors open wider the longer you peer in.

When the wild flowers bloom, start with getting to know the bluebonnet! While it is unlawful to pluck this state flower, when you take a closer look, you may find the claws hidden within their blue petals. It's one of my favorite things about them, I am totally the friend who will tell you about this and a variety of other nature facts, when you join me in a spring hike! To find it, lightly touch a petal and gently lower it to reveal what looks like a cat claw, sometimes covered in neon orange pollen. This is actually part of the flowers reproductive system. When a bee or other pollenating insect lands upon a petal, looking for something sweet, the claw (which is actually soft and not sharp at all) brushes pollen on the belly of the bee, so she will carry it with her to the next bluebonnet. And when the bluebonnet's season passes, the pollenated flowers will have produced pods of seeds that will dry up and crack open, releasing hundreds of seeds to populate the landscape in the following years. 

Happy spring my friends and fellow Texans. I appreciate all of your support and love as I continue to create art and temporary tattoos to share with you. I wish y'all a wonderful spring and summer that is full of curiosity, insight and magic. Thank you.

Allison Wilcoxen | Founder and Designer of NatureTats




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