NatureTats Nature Commitment: The Great Springs Project

Recent heavy rains have brought some much needed relief after the hot and dry summer we've been having here in Central Texas—which couldn't make our plants, wildlife, locals happier.

It also made for the perfect time to release our Storm Cloud temporary tattoo, take the opportunity to share some knowledge about our water resources, and highlight The Great Springs Project, an organization we love that's working to protect the watersheds and aquifers these rains flow into. 

Storm Cloud Temporary Tattoo by NatureTats, Black line style cloud with branched lightning and raindrops.

First of all, what are aquifers and why are they so important?💧
Well here in Central Texas we live on the Edwards Aquifer, which sits above layers of eroding and porous limestone rock that allow for rain and runoff to pour into it below, recharging the aquifer and ensuring our many natural springs continue flowing.

The aquifer supplies drinking water for millions of local residents, and serves as a vital resource and habitat for thousands of species—several that are endangered or threatened. Our region is one of the fastest growing in the nation, and that new development has lead to challenges in maintaining the health and safety of of everyone who depends on our aquifer.

There has never been more of a need for protecting our rivers, springs, and aquifers, and thankfully there are numerous local organizations that are committed to doing that necessary work.  

Great Springs Project Logo

One of those organizations, The Great Springs Project, is on a mission to "create a greenway of protected lands between Austin and San Antonio over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. This green corridor will be connected by a network of spring-to-spring trails, linking the four iconic springs of Central Texas: Barton Springs, San Marcos Springs, Comal Springs, and San Antonio Springs. Great Springs Project works to unifying existing local efforts to address the most critical water, land, wildlife, and public health challenges facing the Central Texas region."
They're already at work connecting trails and charting new ones, so far helping to conserve 4,617 total acres, an impressive 10% of their goal in just a few years.

Photo credit: The Great Springs Project

As lifelong Texans, avid trail enthusiasts, and passionate nature lovers, we're so excited to see all their hard work come into fruition, and honored to donate a portion of all of our sales this month to this incredible organization. We also encourage anyone to support them directly by making a donation via the link below. 

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