NatureTats Nature Commitment: Austin Bat Refuge

The month of October usually brings spooky, festive Fall scenes to cities all over. Think witches, ghosts, and of course, bats!

Here in Austin, it also brings a flurry of tourists every year to witness the flight of the worlds largest urban bat colony from underneath the famous Congress Avenue bridge before they migrate south for the Winter. And with the largest non-urban bat colony being only 50 miles away in San Antonio's Bracken Cave, Central Texans have grown to have a special connection with these nocturnal neighbors, even celebrating them at Austin's annual Bat Fest.

We've recently launched our Free-tailed Bat temporary tattoo in appreciation of these wonderful creatures, and want to share some of the things we love most about them, as well as giving love to our own Austin Bat Refuge, an organization serving our local bat population here in Texas.

Free-tailed Bat Temporary Tattoo by Naturetats

Why are bats so important yet misunderstood?

Bats tend to get a bad reputation and are often seen as dark and dangerous. However these cuties play a vital role in our ecosystems, providing pest-control by munching on thousands of insects nightly, and pollinating hundreds of species of fruit that we rely on, like avocados, mangos, and agave. There's also a common misconception that bats cary diseases, particularly rabies. In reality, the incidence of rabies in wild animals here in the US is less than 1%, and though you should use caution if you've been exposed to a bat, there's really no need to fear contracting it.

Female Bat photo by Austin Bat Refuge

Unfortunately, bats are facing unprecedented challenges and threats to their survival, from the depletion of their habitats due to urban development and climate change, to diseases like white noise syndrome that are decimating populations worldwide. 
Austin Bat Refuge Logo
Local organization, Austin Bat Refuge, is "giving bats a second chance
through rehabilitation and release, conflict resolution, and education". 
They rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned bats from the area, work to create better and safer relationships between bats and human residents of Central Texas, and provide resources to help communities learn more about bats. They're fierce protectors of the 1.5 million bats that make their home right in the middle of Austin's downtown. 

Bat Observation Park by Austin Bat Refuge

We love our local bat colony and want to see more colonies thrive across the globe, so we're incredibly happy to support the work being done by Austin Bat Refuge by donating a portion of all of our sales during the month of October. We also encourage anyone to support them directly by making a donation via the link below. 

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