Introducing Sunlit South

Ever take a summer road trip through the American Southwest? Sunglasses on, looking out the window, waiting for a bit of curiosity to appear in the endless sunlit landscape. I wanted to design a temporary tattoo that captures the contrast of the fierceness and softness of nature in the American Southwest. 

Introducing Sunlit South
our first tat with pops of white ink! This design features the radiant sun, the skull of a bull, flowering sprigs of Texas sage and an elegant scorpion.

When I'm on the road, I'm drawn to the tiny pops of color on delicate flowers that thrive despite the brutal environment, they paint the roadside as we fly past. I'm mesmerized by the heat rays that dance like water on the surface of the pavement. Golden grasses and jutting rock scapes inspire wonder about the creatures who persevere in such harsh conditions. I believe there is so much we can learn from the lives of the plants, animals and insects who have made this part of the world a home, like resilience, recognizing our unique strengths and appreciation for what we have. 

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