Introducing Pines & Cardinal Temporary Tattoos

person holding out forearm showing a black lined style temporary tattoo of three pine trees

Our newest temporary tattoo design, Pine Trees, features three conifers that can be worn together or individually. You could even wear several and make it a full on forest tat🌲🌲🌲

Look closely and notice a few tiny birds perched on the branches. My intention was to make a pine tat that pulls wearers into the natural looking details. I feel like the birds add to the story of this design, you can almost hear the chirps and wind through this active little forest tat.

persons arm held out showing a black lined and stippled temporary tattoo of a cardinal bird sitting on a branch


Through the winter, the adventurous little cardinal is a frequent visitor in my yard. It’s always a delightful surprise seeing his red feathers stand out against the soft winter backdrop. 
As spring emerges, the Cardinals sweet chirps are joined by all kinds of foraging and nesting bird songs. With this design, I wanted to share the joy that I find in observing birds in the springtime, as they fly from bush to branch foraging for fresh caterpillars to nourish themselves and their future young.

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