Five fresh designs added to the shop!

I want to create collections of temporary tattoo designs that hold meaning for me and for other people, from simple appreciations to deep significance. I think that we make and use art to remind us of moments and things that we care about. Here is an introduction to NatureTats' newest designs, and the significance that they hold in my life. 

Toad Temporary Tattoo

I'm excited to feature this sweet toad at NatureTats for the first time!

This gulf coast toad is a native species and a familiar garden friend here in Austin, Texas. I have befriended so many of these toads and watched them grow over the years. I love encountering the ones who choose my potted plants to call home and hearing their tiny chirps in the evenings. I love anticipating the warm weather when the toads come out of their winter holes to meet with other locals. I love offering toad-sized, shaded pools for them to soak in during Texas's hot dry summers and seeing familiar toad faces taking a dip in the morning, when I wake up early enough. Toads are such sweet and brave little friends that we are lucky to have around. I hope you'll enjoy this new temporary tattoo design as much as I do. 


Quartz Crystal Redesign

I've brought back the adored Quartz Crystal, with a sharp and sparkling redesign!

Admittedly, I have always been attracted to shiny things, I mean who isn’t! The fact that earth can produce such a spectacular structure, so clear and sharp and solid is fascinating. As a collector of odd things and a geology nerd, what could be better than discovering and admiring one! They are so curious and beautiful, it's no wonder that humans have kept them as talismans and objects that hold meaning for us. I am amazed by how natural objects like crystals have helped expand human curiosity, spirituality and appreciation for the our planet since the beginning. I believe that the power we see in them actually comes from within us, a reflection of the love within us. 


Fresh Luna Moth 

She's back with a refreshed design plus a crescent moon!

I've always loved the luna moth, it seems too enchanting to be real, like a mythical creature. Their soft green wings with eye patterns and ribbon-like tails are majestic. Actually, I have never encountered one as they aren't common in my area but hope to someday. Moths, for me, are a reminder that there is beauty and softness in darkness and a magnificence in the diversity of our shared world. I see creatures like the Luna Moth as a reminder to really feel the magic of small moments.

Many of these gorgeous moth populations are steadily dwindling, one thing you can do to encourage more native insects to thrive, is to offer a patch of wild land or flowers in your outdoor space. Allow your space to go through it's natural growth cycle, in all seasons without interference, just protect, nurture and observe. 


New Big Bee Design

I redrew this one, made her a little more realistic and therefore cuter.

Pollinators are so special to me personally. Since I was a kid, I have always been a bug lover. I see their little worlds and routines. I love watching bees and wasps as they work and associate them with work in a playful and healthy way. They are spectacularly productive and cooperative, and what a wonderful sight it is to see a chonky little bee stuffing it’s whole body inside of a fragrant flower, pop out covered in dusty yellow pollen and hop right into the next one. They are so busy and focused on their pollinating, they don’t even mind when I look closely to observe. I associate bees with focus, adventure and appreciation for summer.


Pinecone is back too

I didn’t grow up around pinecones, living in austin there are not a lot of pine trees. I always associate them with a cozy adventure. I used to visit North Carolina in the summers as a kid, and they were scattered about in the woods where we played. As an adult, I married a Colorado native, and have had some opportunities to explore that beautiful state. I always looking forward to driving through tall dense pines, I admire them, it just feels wild to me.

Pinecones make me think of beginnings, stillness, potential, appreciation for wilderness and being warm and safe throughout cold seasons.

Leave a comment or reach out on social media to let us know what these mean for you. What in nature is significant to you, represents a person, memory or lesson in your life? Let us know how you care for nature. 

Thank you,
Allison, Artist and Founder of NatureTats

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