Desert Life Temporary Tattoo Themed Collection, Original Designs, Saguaro Cactus, Agave, Crow Bird Skull, Coyote, Rattle Snake, Ants, Sun

Desert Life Temporary Tattoo Themed Collection

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Desert Life Themed Collection of Temporary Tattoos!

This collection includes 8 different temporary tattoo designs! These dark designs represent some of the beautifully intriguing dangers of the desert ~

» Blooming Agave - Tall agave in bloom with roots. This beauty steals the show with its towering buds that span out like an alien tree. (size - just over 6" tall)

» Saguaro Cactus - Iconic, and often massive succulent plant. This design is everything that we love about the desert, it's full of life with a "don't mess" attitude. At its base are stones and sand. I mean really, who isn't a fan of the mighty Saguaro? (size - just under 4" tall)

» Prickly Pear Scene - A blooming cactus scene, showing the roots beneath the ground, along with a human skull and crystal stone. Outlined with a short stripe design. (size - 2" wide)

» Bird Skull - A rough black line design of a bird who succumbed to the heat of the desert. (size -2" long)

» Coyote - Desert dog on the move. (size - 2")

» Rattlesnake - Deadly reptile in striking position. Black line rattlesnake design. (size - 2.5" long)

» Ants - Three ants, perfect for those tiny tat places. (size - about .5" each)

» Sun - A black line design of a small sun with wavy heat rays. (size - 1.25" wide)

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