Pro Tips

Choose Your Design

Pick your favorite nature-inspired temporary tattoo designs. Try out different combinations!  

Choose The Placement

We've found that the outer arm is a long lasting spot because it does not rub against the body, but play with placement, get creative! 

Peel The Clear Cover

Each temporary tattoo has a protective plastic cover that needs to be carefully separated before it gets wet.

Place On Skin

On clean dry skin, (considering shaving first, though it's not necessary) place the image side down. Be sure to lightly press the edges down before applying water, so the water doesn't get underneath. 

Wet a Towel

Grab a wash cloth, or a paper towel, wet it entirely, then ring it out. It should be saturated but not dripping.

Hold Wet Towel On Tattoo

Firmly hold the wet towel on the temporary tattoo for at least 30 seconds.

For best results, be still and avoid pulling, just firmly press.

Remove Paper Backing

When you remove the wet towel and the paper backing is evenly saturated, gently poke the skin around the edges and the paper should easily separate, then slowly peel the paper edge from the temporary tattoo. 

Extra Tip! Apply Lotion

To keep your temporary tattoos looking fresh for longer, use skin moisturizing lotion after application and after showering. Choose a lotion that is not oil based. Rub a tiny amount over the design, rubbing from the center outward to avoid peeling up the edges. 

Wear Your Temporary Tattoos 

Allow it to air dry and avoid touching your tattoo with hands or clothes, especially for the first day! 

Your temporary tattoos are water resistant, so you can shower and swim with them!