About Us

The Seed
NatureTats originated when founder Allison Wilcoxen created a handful of tattoo designs that she intended to use as inspiration for her future real tattoos. She had them made into temporary tattoos and when other people expressed interest in buying them, Allison opened the first NatureTats shop on Etsy in January 2016, and began to expand the design selection!

The Founder 
"I am an Austinite, and I feel so lucky to have been planted here early enough to grow into Austins original art culture. Growing up, I experimented in a range of art including drawing, painting, ceramics, digital design, and photography among others.
Plus I am a total nature nerd, and I’m my happiest self while talking about insects, moss and catctus!
Another thing that has been super intriguing to me as an adult, are tattoos. I really love tattoos as an art form and like others, I've had a hell of a time deciding which tattoo is going to be “the one” to occupy a part of my body forever. Permanent tattoos can be a powerful form of self-expression, while also a deeply personal experience.
I may choose to wear a certain animal or plant to represent a defining moment or person in my life.
I can decide to share the meaning of them or keep it as a personal reminder. Sometimes tattoos don’t need a deep meaning, sometimes they just look awesome - either way, I love 'em! 
So this all came together when I started making temporary tattoo designs, and it turned into NatureTats. - Allison Wilcoxen


What We Create 
Temporary tattoos with simple designs and bold dark lines. Artistic accessories for awesome people. Easily removable, replaceable and painless designs. We hope that you use NatureTats as a tool for self expression by wearing them to festivals, around the house, or even allow them to help you visualize similar designs for future permanent tattoos. They make exciting gifts and activities for parties. They are also just fun to use! Picking out a design, then revealing the image on your skin, is an exciting experience in itself, it’ll make you want to do it again and again!
Our Vision  
We want to expand our collections to feature more artists who also share the vision for NatureTats and people a love for dark nature style tattoo art. 
We want to boost but also carefully curate our temporary tattoo design selection.
We expect to be a part of more events around the Austin area and make NatureTats available in gift shops and boutiques around the United States. 
And where would we even be without our inspiration and the reason we are alive, this earth and the wild nature existing among us. We will make regular donations to support National Parks, Tree Planting Organizations and other causes. 


Can I get NatureTats designs as permanent tattoos?
If you become inspired by our designs, we are so glad you love them and we definitely encourage you to have your tattoo artist redesign it and make it your own! Here are a few tips for finding a tattoo artists that work in a style that you love - Check out the portfolios in nearby shops, search on Instagram for shops and artists in your area or in places you’re willing to travel to, consider following their work for a period of time to get a feel for their vision and style, because remember, it's forever! When you find an artist, set up a consultation and work with that person to design a new unique piece for you.